Analyzer 5 Modbus

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Analyzer 5 ModbusAnalyzer series devices are compact digital analyzers of electrical parameters in a three-phase network and can be mounted on standard mounting rails. With their help, the user is able to report and control 38 different network parameters in three-phase power networks. Due to the fast processing and visualization of the measured values, the device is extremely suitable for processes and applications, which not only send the collected data to a higher hierarchical structure for further processing, but also requiring provision of local information.

Network analyzers have a pulse output (SO) and integrated BUS communication in two different versions, M-Bus or Modbus RTU. They also have an integrated optical interface (IrDA) for connecting additional communication modules, which allows their integration into a number of other systems, such as energy monitoring systems.

In this way, two interfaces are available to the user at the same time – S0, Modbus or M-Bus – and via the optical interface SD card recorder, KNX, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP или M-Bus.



Current transformer input or direct connection to 5 A
Large backlit LCD display
Three-phase measurement
Potential-free measurement with a current transformer

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