Network quality analyzers of electricity, class A

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Network quality analyzers of electricityNetwork quality analyzers of electricityClass A network analyzers are IEC / EN certified 61000-430:2015 for monitoring the quality of electricity, as for industrial applications, and for utilities. Algodue electricity quality meters can monitor and record the main parameters of electricity quality. They provide accurate measurement; the voltage characteristics are monitored in accordance with the Class A specification.

Class A network analyzers are used in:

  • Power monitoring and control systems
  • Switchboards, generator sets, engine control centers, etc..
  • Load monitoring of individual machines
  • Analysis and management of electricity consumption
  • Harmonic monitoring


  • Energy quality analysis in accordance with class A EN61000 4-30: 2015
  • Measurement of harmonics and interharmonics in accordance with EN61000 4-7
  • Oscillation measurement in accordance with EN61000 4 15 and IEEE1453
  • Capturing transients
  • Communication, control and monitoring of measurements from a distance
  • Large data recording capacity
  • Current inputs for CT to ensure measurement accuracy
  • Simultaneous event recording, Min / AVG / Max values ​​and electricity meters
  • Multilingual web interface, easy to use

More information about the individual product series and their technical characteristics can be found in site on the manufacturer.


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