The valves in aseptic

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The valves in aseptic

The valves in the aseptic process uses, requiring the highest level of performance, safety and quality of the finished product. The production range includes standard valves, bottom valves of tanks, process valves of the series N7 and N13 and dosing valves filling machines. The body of the aseptic valves is hermetically isolated from the environment, thus ensuring perfect product protection. For the safe separation of the two fluids are used teflon bellows-type PTFE-TFM 1705, certified FDA-standards technology resource 500 000 switching cycles. The use of this material has a number of benefits - reduced adhesion of the product on the seals in the valve chamber, high resistance to aggressive environments and easy sterilization or washing of the valve in both the closed, and in the open position. Constructive provides for mounting indicator, Trailing tightness of bellows.


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