AEP Transducers

AEP Transducers – Italy has more than 40 annual successful presentation on the design market, production and sales of cargo cells, power converters, torque converters, displacement transducers, pressure transducers and transmitters, digital manometers, dynamometers, electronic devices and application software. In recent years, the company has invested heavily in the automation of a large part […]

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Algodue Electronics

Algodue Electronics – Italy is a company founded in 1986 G. and today, thirty-five years later and after the change of generations, have established themselves as proven design specialists, production and customization of electricity metering and monitoring systems. Its products are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy at their factory in Maggiora,

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ASCON Tecnologic

ASCON Tecnologic – Italy is developing, manufactures and sells a full range of products for automation and control of technological and refrigeration equipment in the industrial sector. The Ascon Tecnologic group of companies has more than 200 employees and produces over one million units every year in its two production facilities. Ascon Tecnologic is present in more than 50 countries

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DELTA UPS&Voltage Stabilizers

DELTA UPS&Voltage Stabilizers - Turkey is one of the largest UPS manufacturers for industrial and domestic applications. The portfolio is complemented by voltage stabilizers, magnetic components and specialized electrical equipment for energy and telecommunications such as static inverters, dry batteries, battery chargers, frequency converters, etc. The company's products are used in industrial enterprises with

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SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kuehn

SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kuehn - Germany is a family company with more than a century of production experience in the field of flow measuring and regulating instruments, level, temperature, pressure and force. Manufactures mechanical and electronic industrial thermometers, calibrators, regulators, temperature sensors, temperature monitoring systems, mechanical and electronic flow sensors, magneto-inductive and ultrasonic

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Ortea SpA

Ortea SpA - Italy is a leading European manufacturer of industrial voltage stabilizers with power up to 6 MVA, power factor regulation systems,  anti-harmonic transformers, magnetic components and specialized electrical equipment for energy and telecommunications. The company can also manufacture specific equipment for the specific needs of its customers.

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Franz Binder GmbH & Co.

Franz Binder GmbH & Co. – Germany is one of the world's most authoritative manufacturers of connector systems and plug joints. The company's portfolio includes round connectors for M5 automation needs, M8, M12, M16, subminiature and miniature connectors, machine connectors M23 and M25, connector systems for AS, Profibus, CAN and Ethernet interface, sensor connectors for specific applications

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Calculator sensors

Rechner Sensors - Germany is the market leader in the production of industrial sensors using capacitive technology. Offers the most innovative and unmatched range of capacitive sensor options for level or position control. Produces more than 3000 the inductive model, capacitive, magnetoresistive, conductive, calorimetric and optoelectronic sensors with unique qualities, many times exceeding the requirements of industry standards.

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EXOR International

EXOR International - Italy offers the largest portfolio of HMI solutions for the industry, building automation and shipbuilding. The company produces more than 100 different text models, graphic and touch operator panels, input-output modules, software PLCs, industrial computers for visualization and control of technological processes, telemetry tools for remote diagnostics.

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