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Стабилизатори ORION YСтабилизаторите ORION Y се предлагат с мощности от 5 electric power 230 kVA and can stabilize the output voltage to the load within ±0.5% of the nominal, at mains fluctuations of the input voltage from –45% to +30%.

Within ±15% range; ±20%; ±25% and ±30% variation of the adjustment limits is performed by internally bridging the input terminals.

Регулирането на напрежението при тази серия стабилизатори е независимо за всяка фаза. Използват се за стабилизирано захранване на трифазни и еднофазни товари с 100% imbalance between the loads of the individual phases. Due to the independent regulation of the input voltage of each phase, they are also suitable for operation in unbalanced networks. In this case, the presence of a neutral conductor or an isolating transformer with a connection scheme Δ/zn0 or Δ/Y is required.

Fast-acting circuit breakers protect the regulating system against overload and short circuit. The operating circuit is protected by fuses.

Цифров мултифункционален мрежов анализатор, монтиран на предната врата показва информация за параметрите на товара, connected to the stabilizer as: phase and line voltages, the flow, power factor, active, full and reactive power.

The control board uses potential-free contacts to indicate a visual and audible alarm of lower or higher than normal voltage, overheating or overloading of the stabilizer control system.

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