Rogovski's coils

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Rogovski's coilsRogovski's coilsAlgodue's Rogovski coils can be used in many cases, when the traditional current measuring transformer is not an appropriate solution. They also provide stable measurement from low currents to hundreds of kA.

Rogovski's coils, manufactured by Algodue are used in:

  • Measuring tools, laboratory equipment
  • Power monitoring and control systems
  • Measurement of DC ripple
  • Monitoring of harmonics and transients
  • Very high current monitoring


  • Suitable for measuring currents from mA to hundreds of kA
  • High linearity
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Very useful for wires of large size or awkward shape or in places with limited access
  • There is no danger of an open secondary circuit
  • They are not damaged by large overloads
  • They do not consume energy from the mains
  • Due to their low weight, they can be replaced on the measured wire
  • Fully shielded

More information about the individual product series and their technical characteristics can be found in site on the manufacturer.


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